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Your flight needs are our business.
customized solutions

We understand that time is money. We understand that schedules are tight.  We know that you and your employees benefit when they return to their families as quickly as possible.

With Air Georgian charter solutions, your business takes flight through cost benefits and a host of tangible advantages. The simplicity and ease of our charter solutions enables your executives and team members to be at their most productive with the convenience and confidentiality of private air travel:

  • Conduct business in the controlled and confidential environment of your own personal flight cabin
  • Reduce overall travel time with personalized departure and pick-up locations
  • Access destinations not serviced by conventional airlines
  • Benefit from flexible flight arrangements that respond to unforeseen business schedule changes
  • Streamline procedural requirements with customs and brokerage oversight
  • Manage multiple-destination trips and same-day service requirements
  • Avoid the additional stress of airport congestion and lost luggage

Let us address your business needs by developing a custom solution that brings a dynamic edge to your business travel.

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