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We are aircraft owners too.

When you choose Air Georgian to manage your aircraft, your investment is safe with an organization that understands. Most operators simply manage your aircraft, we also manage our own aircraft. We understand all aspects of ownership because we are owners too.

For more than 25 years, Air Georgian has supported private aircraft owners with management, maintenance, and operational solutions that ensure exceptional owner experiences. Tailored to each customer's unique needs, our management program provides ease of ownership and full-service aviation care.

Benefit from our experience, economies of scale and synergies derived from being one of Canada's largest private aircraft operators. From start to finish, our consultants, aircraft acquisitions team, flight operations and maintenance departments ensure your private airplane purchase and operation are always professionally and reliably managed.

Working as your partner, Air Georgian provides exceptional services including:

  • Supervision and execution of regulatory compliance
  • Revenue generation via charter agreement opportunities
  • Comprehensive private aircraft maintenance and flight management

We believe that aircraft ownership should be safe, convenient and enjoyable. To learn more about how we can help you reach your aviation goals, contact Air Georgian today.