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Air Georgian is proud to be a recognized name within the industry for pilot, aviation personnel and flight operations training and development.  The importance of pilot, maintenance, management and service education is vital to the aviation industry. We maintain our aviation excellence through a variety of Transport Canada-approved training programs in all areas of operations:

  • Aircraft-specific endorsements
  • Approved Check Pilot training (open to the general public) for Initial and Recurrent Ground Training
  • Simulator training
  • Operational training including icing, dangerous goods, emergency response, etc.
  • Airline Pilot Mentorship program in cooperation with aviation colleges and universities to support high-achieving flight students with further development opportunities
  • Maintenance programs in cooperation with aviation colleges

We practice what we preach.

Air Georgian provides comprehensive world-class training programs recognized for their excellence in all aspects of aviation and flight operations training. All are Transport Canada approved and are available depending on demand, with the exception of the ACP course, which is run quarterly. Programs include:

Approved Check Pilot Course:

Our Check Pilot course for initial and recurrent ACPs covers areas such as Administrative Responsibilities; ACP Delegation and Authorities; TC Licensing Requirements, Planning and Conducting a PPC, Flight Test Standards, Briefing Techniques, IFR Rules and Procedures, PPC Evaluating and Comments, CRM and TEMs, and CAL Debriefing Techniques. There are also options for simulator sessions, which are required for candidates who will conduct rides as an ACP in simulators as a delegate of the Minister of Transportation.

Our initial courses are 4 ½ days long compared to 6 days at other course providers. This allows for weekday travel to and from the course. We have a perfect record for candidate completion of Transport Canada initial briefing and monitoring events.

Practical simulator training is completed in full-motion simulators at Flight Safety International or CAE in Toronto as opposed to fixed, non-motion sims on-site at other course provider offices. Numerous ex-patriot heavy jet pilots have been completing our Initial course for TRE equivalency purposes overseas.

ACP Course Dates
Date Initial Recurrent
February 2017 Feb 27 - Mar 3 Feb 27 - Mar 1
June 2017 12-16 12-14
September 2017 11-15 11-13
November 2017 13-17 13-15

Reference Materials
The following reference materials are suggested for the successful completion of our ACP program;
• ACP Manual Edition
• Instrument Procedures Manual
• CAP or Jeppesen publication examples

Fees and Registration
$895.00 plus HST for Recurrent
$3200.00 plus HST for Initial

Registration starts by completing our ACP Course Registration Form. Please fill out this form and you will receive Air Georgian’s Enrollment Form via email. There are no refunds within 4 weeks of the course start date. If the candidate has taken ill, or there are extenuating circumstances and they are not able to attend the registered course, 50% of paid course tuition may be applied to the next planned course date.  Accepted methods of payment are VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Certified Cheque. Students who fail to cancel within the 4 weeks notice period, will be responsible for the entire course cost. When requested, please download and print the Credit Card Authorization Form.

For inquiries please contact:

Tim Crits, ACP Course Facilitator

Flight Dispatch Prep Program:

Currently, there are no upcoming Flight Dispatcher courses.

Air Georgian’s Flight Dispatcher Program is designed to prepare students for an exciting career as a Licensed Flight Dispatcher. Our 2 week (Full Time) or 5 week (Part-time) comprehensive preparatory program covers topics that include; Weather, Canadian Air Regulations, Airspace, Publications, VFR and IFR operations, Principles of Flight, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Systems and Flight Planning. These topics and materials are essential learning if students are to successfully pass the rigorous Transport Canada Dispatcher License exams and gain employment from regional and national airlines.

Flight Dispatcher Program

Full Time Program-80 Hours, 2 weeks
The full time program is designed for students who want to accelerate their training in preparation for the Transport Canada License Exams

Reference Materials
At the time of registration Air Georgian will supply the follow necessary materials to all students;

• Air Command Weather Manual
• From the Ground Up—New Edition
• Air Georgian’s Study Guide and Questions

Fees and Registration
$1950.00 plus HST

Air Georgian’s Guarantee
It is Air Georgian’s goal to fully train and prepare each student for the Transport Canada License exams. If a student does not successfully pass the required exams within three months upon completion of the course, Air Georgian will permit students to retake the course at no additional charge for up to 12 months. Students will be required to provide Transport Canada transcripts at the time of re-registration.

For more information about the Flight Dispatcher Program, please contact us.